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Put some life into your Ned Rig with the Z-Man TRD HogZ™. Built with the idea that a finesse bait that lacks movement isn't always the best choice, this compact ribbed creature bait excels at producing enticing action with even the slightest nudge. Thread the TRD HogZ onto a finesse jighead, make your cast, and drop it down. Once it hits bottom and starts to crawl, the buoyant ElaZtech® body will stand up at rest, while the torso ribs trap and release oxygen bubbles and the delicate legs and knobby twin tails quiver and shake. If all that subtle action doesn't spark interest from a lethargic bass with a sightline to your bait, nothing will!

  • Compact ribbed creature bait
  • Adds life and movement to a finesse rig/jig
  • Buoyant ElaZtech body stands up from bottom
  • Deeply ribbed to trap and release oxygen bubbles
  • Delicate legs and knobby tails quiver and shake
  • Deadly on lethargic bass

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