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THE REST THAT CHANGED IT ALL: This is the arrow rest that started the arrow containment revolution ... the Trophy Ridge Quickshot Whisker Biscuit. If an arrow rest could stand on a stage, drop the mic and slowly walk-off to thunderous applause, it would be the Whisker Biscuit. The Whisker Biscuit is archery royalty. Maybe it's the quirky name; maybe it's how they get those little bristles to line-up so perfectly - who knows. But this arrow rest works ... it really REALLY works. When no other arrow rest will tune - a Whisker Biscuit will. When no other arrow rest will hold up - a Whisker Biscuit will. This arrow rest dominates the archery market - has for over a decade. There's almost no need to discuss how or why it works. It just does. If you want to put some game animals on the ground, just get a Whisker Biscuit. If you want to show-off to your friends, get an expensive drop away and monkey with it. When it really counts ... bolt on the Whisker Biscuit and fill your big game tags. You can always mess around with that fall-away microadjustment and timing later. Once most people use the Whisker Biscuit for hunting, they never go back to anything else

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