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The Booyah Vibra Wire Double Willow Spinnerbaits are constructed with Booyah’s exclusive small diameter, super flex, Vibra Wire that provides you with more flash and vibration than any other spinnerbait. The Vibra Wire is coated for added protection and strength, and is also smaller and stronger than standard stainless steel wires. 

The double willow blade configuration produces a tremendous amount of flash, and allows you to retrieve the spinnerbaits at high speeds, making them ideal for clearer water.  The blades are also plated with jeweler’s grade gold and nickel for added corrosion resistance and truer color. Rigged with only high quality components, including premium round bend hooks, ball bearing swivels, shad profile heads, and 55-strand silicone skirts, the Booyah Vibra Wire Double Willow Spinnerbaits are built to perform right out of the package. Just add water and catch fish.

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