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The River2Sea Whopper Plopper was designed by the legendary angler Larry Dahlberg. This lure has quickly become a staple in many fisherman's tackle boxes. This is a surface lure that will drive musky and bass crazy with the hollow popping/plopping sound it makes. This particular sound is known to drive musky wild, but the problem that has always arose with those types of lures is that the tail would be ruined after one bite, knocking rocks, or simply after repeat casting. After years of trial and error, the Whopper Plopper was born. The extremely tough soft plastic tail is made from material that will bounce right back bite after bite. This tail was made to withstand a beating from the environment and musky. This lure will make the perfect sound to attract musky to your rod! Working well at a variety of speeds, the possibilities of this lure are endless. Even at a constant speed the tail is producing sounds at different octaves to continuously draw the fish your direction. Regardless of whether you opt for the smaller or larger version of this lure, you are definitely going to be in for the trip of a lifetime!

  • Musky and bass fisherman's dream
  • Extremely tough soft plastic tail
  • Perfect plopping sound
  • Topwater lure
  • Excellent at varying speeds

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