NitroFire™ Breech Cleaning Kit

NitroFire™ Breech Cleaning Kit

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All The Essentials To Clean Your NitroFire™ Muzzleloader! This kit includes the following items which all have 10/32 threads:


NitroFire™ Bronze Brush – With a tapered end specifically for cleaning the NitroFire™ barrel and breech, this brush is excellent for hard scrubbing. It helps break up fouling quickly and easily without harming the rifling. For best results, use with a bore cleaning solvent.


NitroFire™ Nylon Brush – Excellent for loosening powder or residue. The sturdy nylon bristles and the tapered end allow for easy cleaning within the NitroFire™ barrel and breech areas.


NitroFire™ Bullet Unloading Jag – Essential for removing a bullet from your NitroFire™ rifle! Attach the brass jag to your ramrod to lengthen it and insert the rod from the breech. Push the bullet out slowly and carefully through the muzzle.


NitroFire™ Cotton Swab – 100% cotton. The fibers soak up cleaning solvents and help to remove fouling from the barrel and breech areas.

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