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The Lindy Wally Shad is a go-to for casting or trolling for walleyes in relatively shallow water and is just as effective dredging the depths behind bottom bouncers and with lead core trolling techniques.

Shad and similar baitfish are preferred forage for trophy walleyes (as well as just about all gamefish), and the new Lindy Wally Shad is designed to replicate that thin-bodied profile while incorporating color patterns proven to be effective on big walleyes. This 2 ½-inch, 1/3-ounce crankbait features a tight wiggle action that sends hard pulse vibrations that bring fish in from a distance and triggers strikes. The needle sharp #6 blood red treble hooks do the rest. The Wally Shad dives to 6 feet on the cast and trolls down to 13 feet using 10-lb-test monofilament.

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