Gamakatsu hooks are the cornerstone of the Gamakatsu company, and are famous worldwide. The Gamakatsu® Single Egg Hook is a premier bait hook for single eggs. The Gamakatsu Single Egg Hook is also great for a floating trout bait. Gold in color, the Gamakatsu Single Egg Hook is made of premium grade forged carbon steel that's tempered using the world's most advanced tempering system. This system produces durable hooks which are super strong, but not brittle. The Gamakatsu Single Egg Hook's perfectly conical point is the result of a special sharpening process that produces unequaled sharpness.

  • Gold color
  • Premium grade, forged, high carbon steel
  • Tempered using the most advanced system in the world
  • Unequaled sharpness with a perfectly conical, off-set point
  • Off-set eye
  • Barb on shank
  • Barbed point