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Clam Jason Mitchell Rattlin' Blade Spoons have a pyrex glass rattle that's loud and noisy to attract fish from large distances. Unlike traditional rattle spoons, these can be described as a flutter spoon that jigs and flutters on the way down, making it perfect for ice fishing.
  • Loud & noisy Pyrex Glass Rattle to attract fish from large distances
  • Movement within Movement - sniffing fish can see the stainless steel BB’s rocking back-and-forth to trigger strikes
  • Stainless Steel BB’s are far superior to standard lead BB’s. They are perfectly round-shaped (no pock marks like lead) meaning more potential energy and the denser material means louder rattle noise
  • Described as a “Flutter Rattle Spoon” so you jig it and it flutters on the way down unlike traditional “Slab Rattle Spoons” which yo-yo in place with little or no action
  • Tested & proven Blade Spoon knife-like profile with frontal rhombic-triangle design
  • Glow-in-the-Dark patterns and trademark Firetiger Bar Pattern fish love

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