Browning PRM12 Primal Series Closet Gun Safe

Browning PRM12 Primal Series Closet Gun Safe

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Gun Safes that are designed in size to fit in a closet is typically cheap and low quality. Not the Browning PRM12 Primal Series Gun Safe. It has 12 gauge steel in the body and a 3/16" solid steel plate in the door. There are even 7 - 1" bolts in the door in which 4 of them active. This prevents prying attacks with a pry bar. An S&G UL listed mechanical lock comes standard. This gun safe has even been certified by Underwriters Laboratory with a UL RSC (Residential Security Container) burglar rating. You won't find any of these features on most sub $1,000 gun safes.

Browning's PRM12 Primal Series Gun Safe also features a 30-minute fire rating, tested at temperatures up to 1400 degrees F on the outside. This means that your important paperwork, rifles, pistols, and even some valuables will be protected in the event of a fire or a burglary. This gun safe will fit inside a closet with outside measurements of 58.00" high by 21.00" wide by 17.00" deep. Make sure to add 2" to the depth for the handle, lock, and hinges. If you have the ability, make sure to bolt this safe to a solid surface using pre-drilled anchor holes.

The outside of the Browning PRM12 Primal Series Gun Safe is painted a textured black finish for a lifetime of use. There are Primal Silk-Screened Logo and Scroll on the door. A 3-spoke handle is standard for opening and closing the door with ease. There is a standard black carpet all gun interior inside for easy organization.

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