Browning BPS Mossy Oak Break Up Country (10 GUAGE)

Browning BPS Mossy Oak Break Up Country (10 GUAGE)

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Hunting and sporting shotgun, composite stock, steel action with dual action bars, bottom shell ejection/feeding, top-tang safety, Invector-Plus chokes

Strength and reliability that you can take anywhere

 Mossy Oak Break-Up Country is a camo pattern with elements that will blend in just about anywhere in North America. Combine this fantastic camo pattern with the durable function and utility of the BPS, and you have a winning combination.

Pump guns have a reputation for reliability, whether it's earned or not. The BPS deserves this reputation, with a solid steel receiver that is forged and then machined, and dual action bars to prevent jamming. The unique bottom feeding and ejection eliminates the side ejection port seen on most pump guns that serves as another entry point for dirt and debris that can obstruct the bolt and disrupt cycling of the action.

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