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Looks like rind, but that's where it ends. The Berkley® PowerBait® MaxScent Meaty Chunk is so much better than the old proven favorite, with more action, easier rigging, and especially, the superior scent release technology of MaxScent! Pin the Meaty Chunk onto your flipping jig or a pitching head, send it into the zone, and let the oversized claws and irresistible scent field work their magic. Extra bumps molded in throughout the body increase the available surface area, for maximum scent release. Great for tentative fish, both in cover and open water.

Every Berkley PowerBait MaxScent bait releases a super-charged scent field, attracting fish in an entirely new way and improving catch rates by as much as 45%. The advanced Scent Release material is both soft and durable, for lifelike action and easier hook-ups on multiple fish. You'll find its ultra-realistic texture and natural matte colors ideal for your most exacting finesse presentations.

  • Superior scent release technology
  • Looks like pork rind, but with more attraction
  • Great for flipping, pitching, or swimming
  • Extra bumps molded in for maximum scent release

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