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The Berkley Gulp! Night Crawler looks like the real thing and smells even better! Designed to look just like an all-time favorite, a real night crawler, this worm’s enticing action and powerful Gulp! attractor scent really brings in the big ones. 

The baits are a substantial improvement over plastic bait technology. To attract fish and get them to feed, you have to appeal to their senses of smell and taste, technically known as chemoreceptors. Berkley has effectively bridged the gap between live and artificial baits with the Gulp!® baits. Gulp!® baits are very similar in texture and chemical potency to live bait, but have all the shape, action, and color advantages of soft plastics. Gulp!® actually releases 400 times faster than equivalent plastic baits with a scent trail so intense fish sense it from much farther away, and it is 100% biodegradable.

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