Skinny Bakudan Drop Shot Weight 1/4OZ-High Falls Outfitters


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Drop shot fishing involves a hook tied to the main line with a weight affixed to the long tag end of the hook knot. The cornerstone of the method is a weight that attaches quickly and easily to the dropper with no knot, and which separates at the point of attachment should it get hung up, with slightly less pull on the line than it would take to break the line at the knot. This allows the angler to re-rig quickly and get right back to fishing, and also to adjust the weight. s position on the dropper, to control how high above bottom the lure is suspended.

1/4oz 6 per pack.
3/8oz 6 per pack.
1/2oz 3 per pack.
3/4oz 3 per pack.

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