High Falls Outfitters is the Quinte area's favourite destination for all things hunting, fishing and archery related! Our story is full of high quality specialty products which means no more trips to Bass Pro to find what you need. We take care of all your hunting, archery, fishing and restricted firearms needs.


Huge Selection Of Firearms

High Falls Outfitters has the area's largest selection of guns and shooting equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our professional firearms specialists deliver expert advice, and one-on-one service you expect. 


Professional Archery Shop

We are proud to claim one of the nicest archery shops in the area. Our store features 20 yard indoor shooting lanes that are well lit and well heated for those long cold winter days. In our lanes we offer lessons with some of the most experienced archers as well as certified instructors.

The store offers a full service archery pro shop which includes bow tuning, arrow re-flecthing, re-stringing of bows, customization and more. Some stores offer a HUGE selection of items that don't use our shoot ad try and sell you. Our store is different, we stock what we shoot and we have experience using, then we special order in any items you might need or want, sometimes next day.

Restricted Firearms (Black Guns)

High Falls Outfitters offers a wide selection of restricted firearms for gun enthusiasts.

In order to purchase a restricted firearm from High Falls Outfitters , you must provide your Possession and Acquisition Licence and proof of membership to a non-profit gun club within your region.


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