Rack Stacker Sweet Succes

Mixed with Canadian camp hunters in mind. Why have a dormant area on your camp when you can have a deer hunting haven. Sweet Success is as easy as it is successful: turn soil, spread seed, pack and wait for Fall. That’s it! Our unique sweet offering does all the work of attracting and holding the deer on your property all year round. The seed mixture is the perfect blend of hardy Canadian grown seeds including Clovers, Chicory, Alfalfa, Forage Brassicas, Millets and Turnips. Sweet Success is the alluring mix deer cannot resist, AND Wild Turkeys are sweet on Sweet Success. The millets stand tall above the winter snow providing turkeys with seeds to feast on through tough winters. This mix contains Canadian Government Inspected Certified Seeds. Ten different seeds offer diversity throughout the year. Sweet Success is designed to create a large amount of food and ground cover for deer and turkey. It attracts and holds deer on your property all year round! Sweet Success grows up to 7 feet tall creating much needed cover. An ideal seed mixture for planting in large, open areas. 5 lb.