Hoyt Ignite


Just like a big buck adapts to his conditions, the Hoyt Ignite adapts to you. Ignite lets you stretch your bowhunting budget without compromising on performance and durability. With ultimate draw length and draw weight adjustment and proven Hoyt technologies, this is Hoyt’s most versatile bow yet.

Decked out in high-performance FUSE accessories, the Ignite package includes a ProFire 3 Pin bundled fiber sight, Vector 4 arrow quick detach quiver and Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest. Available in Black Out, Realtree Xtra or Realtree MAX-1.

Model  Ignite
Limb ZR125
Cam Ignite

Draw Length Options for

Each Cam Size


Brace Height


Mass Weight

3.6 LBS

Axle to Axle


Draw Weight Ranges



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