Tanglefree Braided Decoy Line 100 Feet 1/8" Twisted Nylon

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Tanglefree is committed to offering the practical and functional products you need to make your next duck hunting adventure a fantastic experience! Whether you need their often imitated, never duplicated Tanglefree decoy spreads or their signature waterfowl hunting products and accessories, Tanglefree has what you need to put more birds in your bag. Tanglefree's relentless product development and stringent field testing has produced an award winning line of products to help you build fond memories far afield for years to come!

Keep track of your decoys and keep them together with this Braided Decoy Line from Tanglefree. The heavy duty cord is constructed from durable braided nylon that is rot resistant. It works great with Tanglefree's clips and anchors. Set your spread the right way with Tanglefree Braided Decoy Line.

Specifications and Features:
Tanglefree Braided Decoy Line AC501
100 Feet
1/8" Diameter
Twisted Nylon